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Miraflores is the area that looks over Finca La Aurora. It is the home of Reinel and Felipe. They are key members of the community and Miraflores is home to the largest number of Villamaria’s coffee producers.

The area sits at an average altitude of 1800 MASL, with an extraordinary view of the snowy mountains of El Cisne, El Volcan Nevado del Ruiz, and Santa Isabel.

This fantastic microlot uses the water pillow technique, the process uses cool temperatures by utilising cold water poured above plastic sheeting, creating a vacuum seal above the coffee cherries. Cold water reduces the fermentation temperature, and allows the coffee to sit in cherry for an extended period, with no interaction from additional oxygen. 

The temperature remains stable and low because the surface water acts as a heat exchanger, with the warmth evaporating off of the top. Once pulped post fermentation, they are dried for up to 20 days on raised beds.


Origin: Colombia.
Region: Chinchiná, Caldas.
Farm: Miraflores.
Process: Anoxic Natural.
Variety: Caturra.
Altitude: 1750-1800 masl.

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