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This coffee is a product of Muraho’s washing stations, which are located in the Nyamasheke, Gakenke, and Nyabihu regions of Rwanda.

Decaffeination Process

The coffee in raw form is shipped to CR3 Kaffeeveredelung Hermsen, Bremen, Germany for the removal of caffeine. CR3 is renowned for its natural CO2 decaffeination process, which is the chosen method for this coffee. This method was created by the family team as a decaffeination method that retained much more of the flavour and aroma compounds that previous processes had been able to.

First, the green beans are soaked, increasing the porosity of the bean and expanding its surface area. These now large and porous beans are now ready for the extraction process. 

The pressure is increased and temperature lowered, and carbon dioxide is pumped into the tank. In these conditions, the carbon dioxide transforms to a liquid state. In this form, the CO2 molecules are able to bind to caffeine compounds exclusively. 

The now decaffeinated and porous beans are processed with further CO2 until the residue within the beans is at a maximum of 0.1% caffeine. Once complete, the beans are dried to a stable moisture content and shipped directly to our roastery, ready to be freshly roasted for you! 

Region: Nyamasheke District.
Country: Rwanda.
Altitude: 1650 - 2000 MASL.
Variety: Red Bourbon.
Process: Washed.

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